#MeetCorroventa: Katja Mersch

  • Katja Mersch, Administration & Marketing, Germany

    Katja Mersch is the second ambassador in the #MeetCorroventa series. She is described by her colleagues as an important building block for Corroventa.

    Katja works in the Willich office in Germany and celebrates 10 years at Corroventa in November. She has a background as a retail saleswoman in the home electronics industry but in 2010, her life took a turn when she fell in love and moved from Emsdetten to Düsseldorf. She took a job in telemarketing but realized a few months later that this career wasn’t for her so in March 2010, Katja started a temporary position at Corroventa and in November 2010, this turned into a full employment. The first months at Corroventa, she was working with the rental business before moving more towards marketing.

    Can you describe a regular day at work? 

    No day looks the same. I make plans for the next day, but it gets whirled up the next day with new tasks. Normally I start my day checking and processing e-mails. In between, I answer customer inquiries on the phone. I also support my colleagues with questions regarding the ERP-system, create invoices and credit notes, draw up analyses for customers or employers, keep an overview of the rental units and see what marketing material is needed.

    In 2019, Katja got involved in the introduction of the new ERP system which gave her many new tasks and responsibilities. Katja continues to explain that her role is very diverse and that her experience gives her good insight to many aspects of the company:

    After almost 10 years in the company and some personnel changes, I have meanwhile landed on the podium as far as my affiliation with Corroventa Germany is concerned. As a result, I am familiar with many processes and can also support other departments and share my knowledge.


    There are many great memories. One special memory is from Corroventa’s 30th birthday in 2015 when we celebrated at the headquarters in Bankeryd. I saw the production facilities in Bankeryd for the first time and got to meet the colleagues from the other countries.

    Another fun memory is in 2018 when I got up on the podium after a hard fight in kart racing.

    The image below shows the winners from the race, Ron from the Netherlands, Ralf Karaus from Germany and Katja.

    corroventa kart race


    Katja points out that the team is one of Corroventa’s great strengths:

    I know I can rely on my colleagues, especially the team in the administration, we share so much time with each other and we also spend time together after work. I also appreciate my colleagues a lot in sales and warehouse, I know that if I need support, I will always get it and the other way around.


    personalbild Corroventa

    Katja with her colleagues from Administration, Cornelia &
    Tina and the dachshund Leni.



    The picture is taken at Katja’s favorite holiday spot,
    Cap Formentor in Mallorica in 2014.


    I am a 100% person and expect the same from other people. Unfortunately, you don’t always manage to do everything without mistakes, it’s human, but I still get annoyed about halfheartedly done things if it is because of lack of focus. I love to read, there is no time without a book at my place at home. I also like to photograph; landscapes are my favorite objects. Finally, I love to travel and see the world with my great love.


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